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Krounchasana on T-Bow®

Updated: Jan 17

Yoga T-Bow®

Yoga T-Bow®

Krounchasana on T-Bow®

By Xavi García-Navarro, the creator of Yoga T-Bow® · GANESH SCHOOL

The T-Bow® Enhances:

  1. Millimetric Adjustment of Hip Height: Achieve precise adjustments for the optimal hip position.

  1. Lumbar Kinesiological Posture: Adapt the hip height to support the kinesiological posture of the lumbar spine, promoting overall spinal alignment.

  1. Hip Stability: Positioning the hip relatively high on the T-Bow® provides stability at the hip level and reduces pressure on the supporting knee.

  1. Reactivity Advantage: Leveraging the T-Bow® mat's reactivity, combined with its overall responsiveness, offers precise and swift tactile and kinesthetic feedback for a finely tuned local and global posture during Krounchasana.

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