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T-BOW® Features

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Original Swiss since 1995
ISPO brand new Award 2006

brand new award ISPO 2006

What is the T-BOW ® multifunctional bow?

Original since 1995

T-BOW® Multifunctional bow for training and motor therapy

Ideal for collective sessions and personalized training


The T-BOW® is an original Swiss invention of Sandra Bonacina (university professor of physiotherapist and fitness), developed with Viktor Denoth (university professor of mountain sports) since 1995, produced in Switzerland and tested at the Institute of Movement Sciences and Sport from the University of Zurich (ETH/ASVZ).

It is a bow made of synthetic fiber or natural wood, with dimensions of 70 x 50 x 17 cm, with a very sensitive mat on its convexity, six side holes for a practical anchoring of bands and rubber bands, extraordinarily robust, very manageable and stackable (saving space). 

Useful both in its concave and convex position, it can be combined with a multitude of mobile and fixed materials. It allows special options for static-dynamic balance (unstable concave position), as well as for support and strength - mobility of the trunk (stable convex position).

The T-Bands as an ideal complement, can be fixed in a practical and multifunctional way in the side holes of the T-BOW®.

DoubleT-BOW® as an advanced resource, with two alternatives when placing one on top of the other (contact between its concave or convex parts), to achieve a dynamic convex surface or a wider and multi-directional swing situation.


TheT-BOW® trainingcombines strength and resistance with coordination and balance, achieving optimal stabilization of the back-neck, shoulders, ankle-foot, knee and hip joints. The exercises are carried out stable, unstable and in motion, challenging the precision of movement and very fine postural adjustment, down to the smallest fiber.


The most consolidated fitness group sessions are: T-BOW® Workout Fit, T-BOW® Bodytone, T-BOW® Balance Pump with Dumbbells, T-BOW® Power, Yoga T-BOW® and Pilates T-BOW®.


T-BOW® training has been physiotherapeutically tested, it is fun and extraordinarily empowers the maintenance of a strong and healthy body, with stable joints and a pain-free back and neck..

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Useful on both sides and combinable with multiple mobile and fixed materials, it allows differential exercises for all coordination, conditional, and spatio-temporal factors, with very effective options for optimizing static-dynamic balance, support variability, and strength. and trunk mobility.In both its stable and unstable position, pIt enables effective exercises from very simple (applicable to many people), to the most complex for the elite.

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Synthetic fiber arch (high-density polyethylene), recyclable, weight 3.2 kg, dimensions 70x50x17 cm, with non-slip natural rubber feet, useful on both sides, whose concave side has granules to prevent slipping and a very narrow surface on the short sides, and whose convex side (with a slightly more accentuated curvature than the typical lumbar physiology), is covered with an antibacterial and fungicidal mat, very sensitive and comfortable to body contact. Three holes on each long side provide a practical attachment for all types of rubbers and bands. Very manageable and useful in a reduced space. It stacks in a practical, stable and hygienic way. 
Perfectly balanced and highly elastic, the T-BOW® resists static loads of more than 400 kg and dynamic loads of more than 350 kg, immediately recovering its functionality. It is treated with ultraviolet stabilizers to maintain its mechanical properties.

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The T-Band is a single elastic band and a double elastic band forming a loop  (3 tension options), attached to a ball that allows quick fixing in any of the 6 side holes of the T-Band. BOW® and avoid the rubbing of the bands, extending their useful life. With the T-Bands, different levels of static and dynamic tension are created, of increasing and decreasing load, more and less elastic, enriched with the possibility of using the single, double or both bands simultaneously, as well as with the combinations of passing the bands through the side holes, optimizing in an extraordinary way  the creation of an infinite number of unilateral and bilateral, symmetrical and asymmetrical exercises, for toning, posture and coordination, in the stable and unstable positions of the T-BOW® . The T-Bands are made of latex, have a soft texture and adapt to the body in a practical way.

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Unstable concave position

Options for static-dynamic balances with very reactive adjustments, balances (lateral, frontal and mixed) in supports of the feet, hands, sitting and in triple-quadruple support are a differentiating source to optimize coordinative capacities of motor, spatial and temporal control. the narrow endsthey force bilateral control when supporting the foot, forcing a synchronized tightening of the musculature of the entire leg. With Un unbalance axis, perfectly balanced, reduced weight and high elasticity, it is reactive to the smallest movement and changes its inertia quickly with very small loads, thus optimizing a very fine postural and coordinative adjustment.

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Stable convex position

Multiple foot supports to raise-lower-turn-jump-scroll-are expanded with supports and jumps on a convex inclined plane on a joint-healthy elastic surface. Hand, forearm and knee pads are comfortable and responsive. Elevated hip pads facilitate poses for stretching and mobility. Its arched design favors a physiological adaptation to the curvatures of the spine with great stability and mobility in extension, flexion and rotation, as well as the strengthening of the frontal, posterior (lower and upper back) and lateral muscles of the trunk, with a greater range of motion than a flat surface.

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Double T-BOW® as an advanced resource

There are two alternatives when placing one on top of the other (contact between its concave or convex parts) to achieve a dynamic convex surface or a wider and multi-directional rolling situation. In both cases, the use of T-Bands enriches the possibilities of optimizing coordination skills, and unilateral and bilateral toning of the arms. The dynamic convex surface option (concave sides in contact) provides very special balancing situations for back mobilization and postural exercises in support of feet, hands, arms, knees, hip-trunk and their combination.

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TheT-BOW® is easily stackable,

saving space.

More than 30 T-BOW® can be stacked in a practical, hygienic and stable way, thanks to their concavity and convexity. This saves space, a fundamental fact en group fitness rooms, where the distribution of the material is a key factor to leave the maximum free space for practice.

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Expert opinions on TBOW 2007

According to Gonzalo Camara-Navarro (Physiotherapist, director of Serviphysis, with extensive experience in the field of health and sports performance) says:"These little reactive devices (for example, bosu, togu or tatami-type mats), which are soft surfaces, cause a lot of instability, but they do not recreate the hard conditions of surfaces on which we usually practice sports or any other activity. One of The keys to proprioceptive work and injury prevention is to recreate in the most reliable way possible situations of risk of injury, but in safe conditions.

The T-BOW® reactivityget that faithful recreation as far as surface reactivity is concerned."

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