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Collective Fitness Sessions

Group Fitness Stage fibo2023 Balance Pump T-BOW unstable with dumbbells ASVZ Switzerland.j

The most differential type of collective fitness session T-BOW® in the field of fitness and health, proposed by Sandra Bonacina (inventor of the T-BOW® and professor of physiotherapy and fitness at the University of Zurich), is a session whose objective is to achieve a holistic improvement of the fitness level by integrating the training of coordination factors such as rebalancing, relaxation and rhythm, of strength with orientations to reactivity-speed and resistance, and of flexibility, by balanced strengthening of the back and fine stabilization of the joints, especially the foot, knee, shoulder and spine. It is a session with music structured in a fun way. The main proposal is to do it without choreography so that health, fitness, fun and affective-social values are prioritized, integrating all kinds of people with multiple levels of ability and fitness. When choosing to choreograph them, special attention is paid to the design with very simple sequences, which can be followed by all kinds of individuals.

Type sessions:

T-BOW® Workout Fit
T-BOW® Toning

T-BOW® Posture
T-BOW® Balance-Dumbbell Strength
T-BOW® Yoga
T-BOW® Back-Neck
T-BOW® Pilates
T-BOW® Power Fit
T-BOW® Athletic-Training

*Power stack los T-BOW® in a hygienic and safe way, represents an extraordinary space saving in fitness rooms.

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Training station in the fitness or sports center:

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As an individual training station, the T-BOW® is especially effective and differential to optimize joint mobility and trunk strength, as well as, applying its possibilities of reactive rocking, for global postural balance and stabilization-reinforcement of the joints with extraordinarily precise and fine adjustments.

By being able to combine T-BOW® with the T-Bands (Set of Elastic BandsT-BOW®) and other materials such as dumbbells, discs, bars, TMR muscle strap and medicine balls, an even more multifunctional training station is achieved.

The excellent anatomical adaptation of the T-BOW® to the natural curvatures of the back and the possibility of a greater range of movement of the trunk compared to a flat surface, together with its high stability and reactivity promoting extraordinary fine control of movement, make it a very suitable complement for strengthening selective of different areas of the trunk (abdominals, lateral musculature, upper and lower back, with unilateral and bilateral priorities) and for multiple options for localized and/or global mobilization of the spine.

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These photos of this strip here are some combinations that I have made, of strips of 3 photos, BUT YOU CAN'T SEE ALL OF THEM!! I don't know

Individual or Small Group Fitness Training

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Personal trainers and their clients are fascinated by this highly practical and multifunctional training device.

Balance and Coordination

Relaxation and Fluency

Postural control






Back-Neck Balance


Back Mobility




The T-Bands or Set of Elastic BandsT-BOW® take up very little space and offer new alternatives for strength, resistance and coordination training, by being able to select from 1 to 3 bands for each side of theT-BOW®, thus allowing three levels of tension, both in its stable position and in the unstable ones.

With theT-BOW®You can train effectively in a very small space outdoors, in the gym, or indoors.

Also, el T-BOW® can be combined with other small materials such as dumbbells, balls, rubber bands and bands, sticks, measurement balls and fitness machines, multiplying the training options for a single individual or a small group.

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