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Sportsmen / Elite Athletes

With the T-BOW® it is practical to train anywhere: gym, outdoors or in the hotel room.

The differential actions that the T-BOW® can provide both to the amateur and elite athlete are:


- Very reactively activate the deep stabilizing muscles of the spine, shoulder girdle, feet-ankles-knee-hip with swings on T-BOW® and double T-BOW®.

- Selectively mobilize the trunk with a greater motor range than a flat surface, thanks to the physiological T-BOW® curvature, both in a stable and unstable position, providing high sensitivity in support.

- Tone the trunk with greater motor range, with great reactivity and stability for fine adjustments, with different priorities for the abdominals, lateral trunk and upper-lower back, with possible differential overload thanks to the practical use of the T-Bands.

- Compensate for unilateral training after a hard workout, using the T-BOW® in a stable and unstable position, together with the use of the T-Band or free weights such as dumbbells.

- Rest your back on the convexity of the T-BOW® to find optimal relaxation and restorative postures, in very stable and sensitive support.

- Conditional optimization with relatively high loads with dumbbells, kettlebells, bars and discs, in very reactive balance and rebalancing situations with very fine postural adjustments, achieving a design of very demanding and differential exercises for adjunctive training and strength-resistance training general and directed applied to sports.

- Coordination enrichment of sports techniques, taking advantage of the convexity of the T-BOW® in a stable position, as well as the concavity and the narrow side edges in an unstable position, very reactive.

- Special physiotherapy treatments (see the physiotherapy section with T-BOW®).


- Yoga applications for athletes (see the Yoga T-BOW® section and

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Technical Support for the Development of the T-BOW®

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