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Recommendations for the use of the T-BOW®

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Original Swiss since 1995
ISPO brand new Award 2006

brand new award ISPO 2006
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Important information
We recommend reading this before the first use of the T-BOW® and T-Bands!

Zurich University Tested TBow by

T-BOW® Original Swiss Made

  • The synthetic fiber T-BOW® is made of HDPE (high density polyethylene), high density polyethylene, very resistant and elastic, recyclable and treated with ultraviolet stabilizers to maintain its mechanical properties for many years.

  • Non-slip rubber feet are 100% natural elastic rubber. If they are clean, they do not leave marks on the floor, nor do they slip, even on smooth surfaces.

  • The foam-rubber mat is antibacterial, pleasant to the touch and sensitive to the skin, and easy to clean hygienically.

  • For safe training with el T-BOW®,  it is recommended that you wear sports shoes with good stability and good grip on the sole, it is also possible to train on the TBOW® with bare feet or with socks with non-slip grip material on the sole, provided that an expert in human motor skills and/or a physiotherapist advises your training.

  • The T-BOW® is designed for use in accordance with the fitness training booklet and/or home training DVD/MP4 created by T-BOW® inventor Sandra Bonacina (University Professor of Fitness Training and Physiotherapy at the Institute of Movement and Sport Sciences of the ETHZ University of Zurich).

  • Check with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough for the T-BOW® training experience, as you would before starting any exercise program, always supervised by a motor training expert.

  • The T-BOW® is a Swiss quality product, manufactured to the highest standards. The warranty is five (5) years, although a T-BOW® can last a lifetime without losing its functionality, it being important to take care of the foam mat and the rubber feet (both replaceable).

  • It is recommended to use the T-BOW® with loads of less than 300 kg, although it resists much higher static-dynamic loads and immediately recovers its functionality.


  • For your own safety and in order not to damage the floors, check periodically, as well as before the first use of the T-BOW®, the rubber feet and their screws.

  • Make sure that the screws that fix the rubber feet are well embedded without protruding when resting the rubber foot on the training surface.

  • Keep the rubber feet clean to guarantee their slip resistance and replace them if they are broken or in poor condition.

  • Thus, you will achieve the optimum level of stability and performance during the use of the T-BOW®.

  • It is recommended to use the mat in temperatures between 10° - 30°C and not expose it directly to the sun for long periods. 

  • The foam mat and rubber feet are consumable items and are not covered by warranty. No liability is assumed for damaged floors.

  • For more product information and training resources, see: ·



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T-BAND® Set of Elastic Bands T-BOW®

Original Swiss Made

  • Each T-Band or Set of T-BOW® Elastic Bands is made up of a 1m single elastic band (orange color), a 2 meter double loop elastic band (blue color)  and a fastening-anchor ball (yellow color). The elastic bands are made of latex, have a soft texture and practically adapt to the body.Elastic bands resistance level: medium. Weight of a T-Band: 190 gr. T-BAND SET: includes 2 T-Bands, that is, 2 sets of T-BOW® Elastic Bands.

  • Advantages: Each T-Band allows a quick and secure fixing in any of the 6 side holes of the T-BOW® (3 per side) and prevents rubbing of the bands, extending their useful life. Using 1 (single), 2 (double) or 3 elastic bands (single + double) generates 3 levels of resistance, which allow you to create different static and dynamic tensions, increasing and decreasing load, more and less elastic, enriched with the possibility of using the single, double or both bands simultaneously, and with the combinations of passing the bands through the side holes, extraordinarily optimizing  the creation of unilateral and bilateral, symmetrical and asymmetrical exercises, of toning, posture and coordination, in the stable and unstable positions of the T-BOW®.
    The differentiation by colors of the T-Bands allows during a group session a quick change between the single and the double elastic band.

  • Replacement of elastic bands in the T-Band
    - Press the ball laterally until the opening widens. 
    - Pull the knot of the elastic bands and open the ball. 
    - Remove all the elastic bands from the ball and replace the damaged one. 
    - Place the elastic bands one on top of the other and roll up the end. 
    - Pass the rolled end through the small hole into the ball and out through the opening.
    - Knot the 3 bands together securely and pull to return the knot inside the ball.
    Tip: If a broken double band needs to be replaced, it is most economical to cut its long part to one meter (same size as the single band) and replace its short part with a meter of the same colour. Thus, you have 3 simple 1 meter bands and you lose less material than replacing the 2 meter loop band.

  • Warranty: The useful life of the T-Band or T-BOW® Elastic Bands depends on its use, not controllable. Therefore the T-Bands are not subject to any warranty.
    Weight of the T-BOW® Elastic Bands Set: 380 gr.
    Production and Manufacturing under strict Swiss quality controls.


T-Bands or T-BOW® Elastic Bands require correct use in order to guarantee a long useful life: 

  • Before use, check the T-Bands for cuts, holes and other defects. Do not use damaged bands, replace them immediately.

  • Check that the knots are secure.

  • Please note that long fingernails, rings, sharp shoe edges, etc. can damage the T-Bands. Warn users accordingly

  • Make sure T-Bands are stored dry and protected from UV light and heat.

  • If the T-Bands stick together due to sweat, chlorinated water or damp storage, etc., wash them with clean water and a little soap, let them air dry, and then apply talcum powder.

  • When wearing the T-Bands around any part of the body, be sure to place them wide and flat for your best comfort.

  • After using the T-Bands, break up any sticking that has developed and, holding them by the ball, shake them vigorously to loosen them.

training tips: For a complete and balanced strength training, training with the T-Bands should be complemented, in most individuals, with strength training using the body load, free weights and medicine balls. For any option, the T-BOW® presents very effective and varied possibilities.

Security: For the correct use of T-Bands or T-BOW® Elastic Bands, ask an expert in human movement sciences and train according to his instructions. In the case of having problems with the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory system or other health limitations, before starting training with the T-Bands and the T-BOW®, consult a doctor.

- Do not allow the T-Bands to come into contact with sharp objects (edges, corners, nails, rings, sharp shoe soles,...).
- If an elastic band is damaged, stop using it and replace it.
- It is essential not to release the band suddenly, avoid its elastic rebound. This can lead to serious injuries, for example, in the eye area. 
- Do not wrap the T-Bands around the parts of the body with high pressure, since blood circulation is restricted, a dangerous situation especially around the neck.
- Do not allow children to play with the T-Bands.
- Allergy Tip: T-Bands are made of latex.

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