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Healthy Swing Sideways on T-BOW®

Balancing transversally on T-BOW® forces the functional twisting of the longitudinal axis of the leg!!

By Sandra Bonacina

Inventor of T-BOW® and professor of physiotherapy and fitness at Zurich University

Balancing on the narrow edges of the T-BOW®

The arched design of the T-BOW® with its narrow lateral edges allows foot support that requires bilateral control of the muscles located on both sides of the foot (unlike materials with a flat surface that only require a unilateral control) and a functional connection of the longitudinal axis of the leg during swing, preferentially stimulating the haptic sensitivity (kinesthetic-tactile) involved in this support, a fact that also requires greater control and stimulation of the segmental independence of each leg.

Functional twisting of the longitudinal axis of the leg while balancing transversally on unstable T-BOW®

In balancing exercises with the transversally unstable T-BOW ®, the shape of the T-BOW® pushes the knees inwards. On the other hand, one must actively push the knees outward, which also activates the hip muscles in external rotation.

This is extremely positive and improves the stabilization of the joints of the foot, knee and hip. A good stabilization of these joints is the basis of an effective balance of the spine. The stabilized pelvis facilitates the activation of the trunk stabilizers.

Muscles activated in the functional connection of the longitudinal screwing of the leg:

The feet are preceded by the activation of the peroneos and the front musculature of the leg.

The knees rotate outward by activating the external femoral rotators and the sartorius muscle and the medial portion of the quadriceps.

As in "Spiral Dynamics", all the deep stabilizing muscles in the foot, knee and hip joints work together.


  • Physiotherapy treatments.

  • Postural training.

  • Athletic and sports training.

  • Health and group fitness training.


by Sandra Bonacina · Transversally balance examples at Zurich University

by Ivan Farré-Sánchez · Group Fitness Elderly · Vectus Fitness Training

by Salvatore Nocerino · Group Fitness Top Level at Palestra Universo Italy


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