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Differential Properties of T-BOW®

Updated: Jun 9

The T-BOW® as an effective workout for integral health and fitness:

  • Physical condition (speed, strength, endurance, flexibility and relaxation).

  • Coordination (balancing and support situations in static-dynamic equilibrium).

  • Very fine space-time and rhythmic postural adjustments.

  • Balanced back and stable joints (activation of deep muscles).

  • The arch allows a greater range of motion than a flat surface, and supports the back anatomically and with stability.

  • Precision in addressing lumbar lordosis sets the T-Bow® apart (Natural lumbar lordosis ranges from 40 to 50 degrees), featuring a 40-degree arch for the T-Bow® HDPE Plastic and a 45-degree arch for the T-Bow® Wood, both capable of withstanding loads exceeding 350 kg.

  • Optimal emotionality, affectivity and well-being.

It is applicable to all ages, differentiated groups (children, youth, adults, seniors) and levels of movement optimization (initiation, advanced and high performance).

Areas of application of the T-BOW®:

Health, Fitness, Wellness, Yoga, Postural Optimisation, Movement Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine, Physical Education and Sports Initiation, High Performance, Sports and Recreation.

T-BOW® multi-functionality:

  • Useful on both sides (as a curved step and as a balance rocker) and can be combined with mobile and fixed materials, such as free weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, bars, discs, medicine balls, rubber bands, Russian belt, sticks, balls, ...

  • Special multi-functionality and practicality with the T-Band or T-BOW® elastic bands, which are easily placed in any of its six side holes.

  • The actions with the T-BOW® allow exercises from very easy, accessible to the most elementary levels of motor mastery, to very complex.

  • Effective supports with bare feet, with socks with good grip on the sole and sports shoes in the synthetic fiber version, and also in the original wooden version with socks.

  • Possibility of training in small spaces.

  • Handy in a practical way, non-slip, resistant to high overloads (+ 300 kg), both static and dynamic, and very robust for a long useful life. Easy to keep clean and functional.

  • Stackable in a small place (great space saving) with optimal hygiene.

Technical-scientific development of the T-BOW® with high-level experts:

  • Exceptional quality of fitness and physical therapy training programs created by Sandra Bonacina, inventor of T-BOW® and professor of physical therapy and physical activities for health and fitness at the University of Zurich (Switzerland) and the ASVZ Academic Sports Association Zurich (

  • Technical-scientific development of the T-BOW® by leading experts in health-fitness, movement physiotherapy, physical education and sports performance from Sport Training Barcelona (

Invented and produced in Switzerland with strict quality controls.

Effective, smart and fun idea.

"With the T-BOW® we have a wonderful tool to move people. Movement means living and being healthy. We are lucky to bring health and less stress with good quality programs that trains all conditional aspects and the deep joint stabilisation. So many people have less back problems with using the T-BOW®. So great that we can use it for every age and groups. I'm convinced that the T-BOW® will make the way around the world because of it's high quality, tested over years“.

Sandra Bonacina (2010)

Inventor of the T-BOW®, physical therapist and university fitness teacher, Zurich University (Switzerland).

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