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T-BOW® Directed Activities at the ASVZ Academic Sports Association Zurich

The most consolidated Group Fitness Classes with T-BOW® stand out in the ASVZ Academic Sports Association Zurich (T-BOW® Workout Fit, T-BOW® Bodytone, T-BOW® Balance Pump, T-BOW® Power, T-BOW ® Yoga, T-BOW® Pilates), designed by Sandra Bonacina and her team of teachers from the Institute of Movement and Sports Sciences at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

These T-BOW® group fitness classes with music are in high demand at the ASVZ and always fill up with 40-50 participants. They are led by two teachers, one in a central position and the other circulating around the room to guide each participant.

T-BOW® trains strength / cardio-resistance / balance-coordination

Training with T-BOW® combines resistance and strength with coordination-balance and achieves the best deep stabilization of the back, ankle, knee and hip joints. The exercises are performed in a stable, unstable and moving situation and therefore challenge every muscle down to the smallest fiber. The T-BOW® workout is physiotherapeutically tested, fun, and keeps you fit and healthy.

Effects of training with T-BOW®

The arch shape of the T-BOW® conforms to the lumbar spine and the trajectory of movement of the trunk muscles is larger and more intense. Also its great stability and high reactivity provide very fine posture adjustments, both in its stable and unstable positions.

The multifunctional training and therapy arch is used as a step-step and swing-seesaw, both stable and mobile.

T-Bands, a set of elastic bands with three intensity levels, special grip change dumbbells or various dumbbells of different weights allow everyone to dose and increase strength quickly and individually. Women, men, beginners and professional athletes can train in parallel.

With the T-BOW® you can train endurance, strength and balance in a unique way. This allows for intensive stabilization training for a strong and healthy body, stable and reactive joints, as well as a pain-free back and neck.

More established Group Fitness Classes with T-BOW® at the ASVZ Academic Sports Association Zurich:

T-BOW® Workout Fit

The T-BOW® is a multifunctional training and therapy arch, thus in the Workout Fit class a holistic physical training is sought, particularly deep stabilization of the joints, with music, with well weighted loads of cardio-resistance, balance-coordination and strength, and that it helps effectively and functionally to solve back and neck pain, and joint problems, such as foot and knee instability.

T-BOW® Bodytone · with T-Bands

Strength optimization and balance-coordination are combined with the help of the T-BOW®. When training with this multifunctional training and therapy bow, great importance is attached to strengthening the core - lumbo-pelvic balance and the back. This is particularly effective against functional back pain, strengthens deep stabilization, and prophylactically prevents back and neck problems caused by sitting for too long in everyday life.

T-BOW® Balance Pump · with Dumbbells

An intense muscle workout with the T-BOW® Multifunctional Training and Therapy Bow and dumbbells. After a short warm-up with mobilization and stretching, you train vigorously with adjustable or multiple dumbbells on the stable, unstable, and moving T-BOW®. We pump the muscles powerfully, challenge and promote a lot of balance and stabilization of all the joints and the back at the highest level.

T-BOW® Power

Give yourself 30 minutes of full power with the T-BOW® and effective global strength and strengthening exercises, with loads and fast-balancing cardio. If you're short on time and still want to do what's best for your health and fitness, this is an effective alternative.

T-BOW® Yoga

The development philosophy of Yoga with T-BOW® is to provide a selection of differential resources of T-BOW® to facilitate, enrich and extend the postures and postural sequences of Yoga from a holistic perspective of postural optimization.

Special attention is paid so that people with very basic levels of balance, strength and mobility are able to evolve in their postural optimization with confidence and satisfaction.

The essence of Yoga is maintained (asanas or postures, pranayamas or breathing exercises, relaxation and awareness-meditation) with an emphasis on self-control, self-assessment and reflection to optimize knowledge and awareness, thus enabling the highest levels of well-being and personal satisfaction.

The elastic and inertial property of the T-BOW® in fine movements causes very rapid and reactive changes in any situation of static-dynamic balance, both in stable and unstable positions of the T-BOW®, overstimulating the body's proprioceptive systems; Very beneficial situation to optimize any posture and fluidity of the postural chains.

Pilates T-BOW®

The T-BOW® stably supports the lumbar spine in natural lordosis, so the abdominals can function perfectly in the correct anatomical posture. The specific exercises performed to strengthen the muscles of the central area of ​​the body, especially the deep and stabilizing postural muscles, are improved to the highest level with the T-BOW®, thanks to its anatomical curvature, its great stability and its high reactivity providing very fine adjustments of posture and integration of conscious control of the whole body.


Sandra Bonacina, inventor of the T-BOW®:

"With the T-BOW® we have a wonderful material to make people move.

Movement means being alive and healthy.

We feel fortunate to bring health and stress reduction with high-quality programs to train all aspects of fitness and deep joint stability.

So many people have less back and neck problems using the T-BOW®. "

"It's great that we can use it in all ages and groups.

I am convinced that the T-BOW® will be a reference throughout the world

for its high quality proven over years. "

ASVZ Academic Sports Association Zurich

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