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Head support on the unstable surface of the T-Bow®

The T-BOW® as a piece of equipment is unique and special as it helps to quickly and accurately make adjustments to body posture.

Featuring a unique axis of imbalance, it presents a distinct balance challenge, making it more accessible to a wide audience of exercisers compared to the Bosu® or Togu ®, which have softer surfaces and multiple axes of imbalance.

The edges of the T-BOW® provide safety to the handles, preventing wrist strain and finger hyperextension.

It is important to avoid placing the head directly into the cavity of the T-BOW®. Instead, using a support—preferably thin and stable—ensures high responsiveness, allowing for quick feedback and helping to accurately achieve postural adjustments during inverted postures.

A complete workout includes alternating 1-2 headstand attempts on the ground and the T-BOW®.

You can also try on other surfaces, prioritizing those with high responsiveness for a varied and complete experience.

by Lilly Koutsandrea


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