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T-BOW® Orange · Mat Color Selectable

Swiss quality since 1995

Made in Switzerland · Europe


Included with the T-BOW®:

  • x1 MP4 T-BOW® Fitness Home Training (x6 home fitness training programs designed by Sandra Bonacina).
  • x2 Color exercise charts for training with T-BOW® and T-Bands.


* Characteristics:

T-BOW® made of high-density polyethylene, recyclable, arched rectangle structure, very robust, light antibacterial mat and sensitive to body contact, treated with ultraviolet stabilizers that maintain its mechanical properties, perfectly balanced and with high elasticity enhancing the fine reaction of postures and movements, stackable in a practical and hygienic way, very manageable.


Dimensions (LAA): 70x50x17 cm.

Design: rectangular arch, with a grain on the concave side and a mat on the convex side, a narrow surface at the short ends, three holes on each side and natural rubber feet slip resistant at each corner.

Mat: Premiuem special for the T-BOW®.

Arc curve: 40° (40 degrees).

Lower-middle range of the kinesiological curve of lumbar lordosis.

Weight: 3.2kg.

Color: T-BOW® orange, Selectable color mat and white Rubber Feet.

Resistance: Withstands static and dynamic loads greater than 350kg, recovering its functionality.

Maintenance: Ensuring the screws securing the rubber feet are tightly fastened is crucial for safe T-BOW® usage and to prevent floor damage. Maintain cleanliness of the rubber feet for optimal grip. Utilize the mat within temperatures ranging from 10°C to 30°C and refrain from prolonged exposure to outdoor elements, water, or direct sunlight. For cleaning, gently wipe with a clean, damp cloth; avoid using agressive cleaning products.

Invention and development: invented by Sandra Bonacina and developed jointly with Viktor Denoth, professors at the Institute of Movement and Sport Sciences of the University of Zurich (Switzerland).

Production: International T-BOW® Switzerland and T-BOW® Fit International, with the highest Swiss quality standards. In Switzerland and Europe.

Durability: the warranty is established at 5 years, although a T-BOW® can last a lifetime without losing its functionality, it is important to maintain the hygiene of your mat and its rubber feet (both replaceable).​

EAN: 0701197259089


* Technical support for training with T-BOW®:

  International T-BOW® Switzerland Expert Team and  T-BOW® Fit International.


* Shipping costs and taxes: they are applied according to the conditions of each country/area and are displayed during the purchase process.


* Discounts:

By number of units purchased. Contact us!


* For purchases of more than 6 units:

  Contact us.


T-BOW® Orange · Mat Color Selectable

T-BOW® Orange · Mat Selection
  • €165.00  / Incl. VAT: €199.65


    The T-BOW® is a multifunctional bow for training and motor therapy.
    Ideal for Group Fitness and Personalized Training.

    An Original T-BOW® will last you a lifetime!!

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