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(x2 T-BANDs T-BOW®)

Swiss quality since 1995

Made in Switzerland · Europe


 The T-BAND® SET includes 2 T-BAND®, that is, 2 sets of T-BOW® Elastic Bands.


* Characteristics:

Each T-Band allows a quick and secure fixing in any of the 6 side holes of the T-BOW® (3 per side) and prevents rubbing of the bands, extending their useful life. Using 1 (single), 2 (double) or 3 elastic bands (single + double) generates 3 levels of resistance, which allow you to create different static and dynamic tensions, enriched by the possibility of combining the two T-Bands in positions stable and unstable of the T-BOW®.

The differentiation by colors of the T-Bands allows during a group session a quick change between the single and the double elastic band.

Dimensions (LAA): 1,000x150x0.35 mm (single band) and 2,000x150x0.35 mm (double band) and standard tennis ball.

Design: each T-Band or Set of T-BOW® Elastic Bands is made up of a 1m single elastic band (orange color), a 2 meter double looped elastic band (blue color)  and a fastening-anchor tennis ball (yellow color).

Weight: a T-Band weighs 190 gr. and the complete set 380 gr.

Color: orange single elastic band, blue double elastic band and yellow ball.

Composition: The T-Bands are made of latex (to be considered by  allergic) and have a soft texture, adapting practically to the body.

Resistance level of elastic bands: half.

Invention and development: invented by Viktor Denoth and developed together with Sandra Bonacina, professors at the Institute of Movement and Sport Sciences at the University of Zurich (Switzerland).

Production: International T-BOW® Switzerland and T-BOW® Fit International, with the highest quality standards.

Durability: The useful life of the T-Band or T-BOW® Elastic Bands depends on their use, not controllable. Therefore the T-Bands are not subject to any warranty.

Security: Do not allow children to play with the T-Bands.

EAN: 0701197259102


* Technical support for training with the T-BAND T-BOW®:

  Team of experts International T-BOW® Switzerland and T-BOW® Fit International.


* Shipping costs and taxes: they are applied according to the conditions of each country/area and are displayed during the purchase process.


* Discounts:

 By number of units purchased. Contact us!


* For purchases of more than 11 units:

  Contact us.


  • 36.00€  / Incl. VAT: 43.56€


    The T-BAND® SET T-BOW® includes 2 T-BAND®, that is, 2 sets of T-BOW® Elastic Bands.

    The T-BAND® have been specifically invented to enrich the training alternatives with the T-BOW®.

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