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The T-BOW® trolley is a special design to stack the T-BOWs® in a practical, hygienic and stable way, saving space, and to transport them easily.

Being able to stack the T-BOW® saving space is a great advantage for group fitness rooms, where the distribution of the material is always a key factor to leave the maximum free space for practice.



Trolley specially designed to stack and transport T-BOW® in a stable, hygienic and practical way. Equipped with 80 mm diameter swivel nylon wheels that allow easy handling. Made of steel with bright blue paint with anti-rust enamel. Allows load up to 500 kg. It can be stored in a small space.

Ideal for stacking T-BOW® and sliding them with minimal effort and safety.

Measurements: 70.5x50.5x12 cm (LAA).


* Ideal for stacking and transporting up to 40 T-BOWs (approx. 120 kg).

* Great resistance: supports up to 500 kg.




Design: rectangular structure with edges on the sides and a circular hole, 2.5 cm in diameter, in the center of one of the long sides, to attach a rope or some type of hook.

Dimensions of the inner rectangle: 70.5x50.5 cm.

Net weight: 8.5 kg.

Main material: S275 steel.

Painted: luminous blue with anti-rust enamel.

Wheels: swivel nylon, with a diameter of 80 mm, a load capacity of 130 kg, non-deformable, easy to start and glide.

Maximum load: 520 kg.

Optimum load for stacking and handling up to 40 T-BOWs: 120 kg

Original design, 2007: Domenech-Larraz Designers, OLOT (Girona, EU).

Optimized production, from 2021: Solfermet - SURIA (Barcelona, EU).

Product brand: T-BOW®

Adhesive foam bumpers are included for the edges, in case you want to protect them.

EAN: 0745314143042



The first T-BOW® fits in the inner rectangle of the trolley and the following ones are stacked with stability, thanks to the concavity and convexity of each T-BOW®.

Optimal stacking up to 40 T-BOW® (approx. 120 kg), although it could support up to 162 T-BOW® (approx. 520 kg).



It glides easily over flat terrain, pushing you smoothly across stacked T-BOWs®.

It is pulled and mobilized with a rope fixed in the side hole. You can also fix the rope on the 1st T-BOW® or use some type of hook to mobilize it.

Optimum manageability with up to 30 T-BOW®.



The T-BOW® trolley is not suitable for climbing on top and playing with it.

It is designed exclusively for professional use in fitness rooms.


  • €240.00  / Incl. VAT: €290.40


    Special custom design to stack T-BOW® hygienically and stable, saving space, and to transport them de practically.

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