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Swiss quality since 1995

Made in Europe


Included with the T-BOW®:

x1 MP4 T-BOW® Fitness Home Training (featuring six home fitness training programs designed by Sandra Bonacina).

x2 Color Exercise Charts for T-BOW® and T-Bands Training.

Characteristics: The natural wood T-BOW® is a multifunctional bow with a rectangular-curved structure, specifically designed to adapt to the kinesiology of lumbar lordosis. Its convex part has a mat that is highly sensitive to body contact, while the concave part has non-slip granules that are soft to the touch. This arch is perfectly balanced and offers notable elasticity, which optimizes reactivity and allows precise postural adjustments. Versatility of use with sports shoes, bare feet or socks, and combinable with T-Bands, T-Box®, free weights, as well as with multiple fixed and mobile materials.


In addition, its stackable design facilitates practical and hygienic storage, saving space and making it easily manageable.

Unique Serial Number: Each T-BOW® made of natural wood carries a unique laser-engraved serial number in one of the corners.

Dimensions (L-W-H): 70x50x17 cm.

Design: Rectangular arch made of white beech wood in the internal layers in combination with American walnut wood in the external ones. With special non-slip concavity, highly sensitive to the touch and comfortable for support, produced with a homogeneous crystalline structure based on glass microspheres. The convex side features a mat with high sensitivity to body contact. A narrow surface at the short ends, three holes on each side and non-slip PVC feet with fabric inserts, ensuring stability and long durability. The T-BOW® logo is laser engraved on one of the short sides, leaving the other side free for personalization.

Mat: Premium special for the T-BOW®. The rubber foam mat is antibacterial and fungicidal, extremely sensitive and comfortable to body contact, and easy to hygienically clean.

Arc Curve: 45° (45 degrees). Mid-range of the kinesiological curve of the lumbar lordosis.

Weight: 4.2 kg.

Color: Its convexity is covered with American walnut wood and a black mat, its concavity has a homogeneous crystalline structure, and the feet are made of pvc with transparent fabric inserts.

Resistance: Withstands static and dynamic loads exceeding 350kg, recovering its functionality.

Anti-Woodworm Treatment: The T-BOW® wood is infused with an internal resin, providing protection against woodworm.

Maintenance: It's crucial to shield the wooden T-BOW® from outdoor elements, water, or direct sunlight exposure. For cleaning, gently wipe with a clean, damp cloth; do not apply any aggressive products.

Invention and Development: Invented by Sandra Bonacina and jointly developed with Viktor Denoth, professors at the Institute of Movement and Sport Sciences, University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Production: International T-BOW® Switzerland and T-BOW® Fit International in Europe, meeting the highest Swiss quality standards.

Ecological Wood: We select FSC-certified sustainably sourced wood, aspiring to be the "gold standard" of "eco-friendly" wood.

* Our wooden products, including this one, are crafted from high-quality and durable wood, highlighting its natural allure. As a result, you may notice variations in color and the presence of knots, contributing to its distinctive and individual character.

Durability: The warranty is set at 5 years, although a T-BOW® can last a lifetime without losing functionality, taking care of hygienic maintenance of the wood, the mat and the pvc feet (both replaceable). Exclusively for use in indoor spaces. The warranty does not cover wear and tear resulting from normal use.

EAN: 0701197259096

Technical Support for T-BOW® Training: Expert support from International T-BOW® Switzerland and T-BOW® Fit International.

Shipping Costs and Taxes: Applied according to each country/region's conditions, displayed during the purchase process.


By number of units purchased. Contact us!

For purchases of more than 6 units: Contact us.


  • 460.00€  / Incl. VAT: 556.60€


    Limited Editions

    T-BOW® Multifunctional bow for training and motor therapy.

    Ideal for group fitness classes and personalized training.

    An Original T-BOW® will last you a lifetime!!

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