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MAT T-BOW® Replacement

Replacement T-BOW® mat

Special for the T-BOW®


€25.00 / Incl. VAT: €30.25



* The mat adjusts to all HDP high-density polyethylene T-BOW®, both the classic and the special ones in different colors.

The special glue and instructions are attached.


* Mat option in different colors.

* Technical support for training with T-BOW®:

International T-BOW® Switzerland Expert Team y T-BO W® Fit International.

* Shipping costs and taxes: they are applied according to the conditions of each country/zone and are shown during the purchase process.

* For purchases of more units, contact us:

MAT T-BOW® Replacement

25,00 €Price
  • Replacement T-BOW® mat.

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