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KIT T-BOW® BLACK · T-BOW® Black and MAT Color selectable

Swiss quality since 1995

Made in Switzerland · Europe


* The KIT T-BOW® BLACK is composed of:

  • 1 BLACK T-BOW® with color mat to choose.
  • 1 T-Band Set T-BOW® (x2 T-Bands).
  • x1 MP4 T-BOW® Fitness Home Training (x6 home fitness training programs designed by Sandra Bonacina).
  • x2 Color exercise charts for training with T-BOW® and T-Bands.


*See detailed information on each component of the KIT in the specific sections.


* Invention and development: invented by Sandra Bonacina and developed jointly with Viktor Denoth, professors at the Institute of Movement and Sport Sciences of the University of Zurich (Switzerland).

* Production: International T-BOW® Switzerland y T-BOW® Fit International, with the highest Swiss quality standards. In Switzerland and Europe.

EAN: 0701197259119


* Technical support for training with T-BOW®:

Team of experts International T-BOW® Switzerland and T-BOW® Fit International.


* Shipping costs and taxes: they are applied according to the conditions of each country/area and are displayed during the purchase process.


* Discounts: 

By number of units purchased. Contact us!


* For purchases of more than 6 units:

  Contact us.

KIT T-BOW® BLACK · Mat Color selectable

T-BOW® Black MAT Selection
  • €195.00 / Incl. VAT: €235.95


    T-BOW® Multifunctional bow for training and motor therapy.

    Ideal for collective fitness classes and personalized training.

    An Original T-BOW® will last you a lifetime!!

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