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by Sandra Bonacina, Switzerland


€20.00  / Incl. VAT: €24.20


* Description:

More than 200 minutes of exercises / 6 training programs.

* Training programs to improve your health.
* Integral fitness session of strength, resistance, coordination-balance and flexibility-relaxation.
* Physiotherapy exercises to achieve a healthy and pain-free back.
* The swings with the T-BOW® are fun sensations and provide very effective reactivity to stabilize your joints and achieve very fine postural adjustments.

1) Power-Workout: 70 min.
The total body workout for a healthy body and mind.
1) Comprehensive Fitness Training (70 min.)
Total training for physical and mental health.
2) Body-Toning: 45 min.
The toning workout for a powerful tension-free body.
2) Global Toning (45 min.)
Toning training for a strong and stress-free body.
3) Cardio-Balance: 38 min.
The cardiac cycle and balance training for a strong health and solid joints.
3) Resistance "cardio" in swinging (38 min.)
Resistance and balance training for stable joints and optimal health.
4) Back Workout: 40 min.
The great workout for pain free, healthy back and neck.
4) Back and neck (40 min.)
Training to eliminate pain and achieve a healthy back and neck.
5) Wake Up Fitness: 16 min.
The best way to start a powerful day.
5) Fitness upon waking (16 min.)
Training to start the day with great vitality.
6) Stretch and Relax: 15 min.
The wonderful stretch + relax program to ease tensions and stress.
6) Relaxation and stretching (15 min.)
Stretching and relaxation training to eliminate tension and stress.

EAN: 0701197259126

* Technical support for training with el T-BOW®:

  Team of experts International T-BOW® Switzerland and T-BOW® Fit International.


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  • x6 fitness training programs with T-BOW®, designed by Sandra Bonacina (inventor of the T-BOW® and professor of physiotherapy and fitness at the University of Zurich, Switzerland).

    * Attention: this MP4 is included, at no additional cost, with the purchase of the T-BOW®.

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