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Yoga T-BOW® Course · 2023

Holistic Postural Optimization

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Yoga T-BOW® Course · 2023
Yoga T-BOW® Course · 2023

Horario y ubicación

11 feb 2023, 10:00 – 17:00 CET

Barcelona, Carrer de Magalhães, 2, 08004 Barcelona, Spain

Acerca del evento

YOGA T-BOW® COURSE · 1st Level · 6h

Saturday 11 February 2023 · 10.00 - 17.00 · BARCELONA (Spain)

The philosophy of development of Yoga with T-BOW® is to provide a selection of differential resources of the T-BOW® to facilitate, enrich and extend postures and postural sequences of Yoga from a holistic perspective of optimization of the person that allows a personalized postural education.

The basis of the exercises comes from the proposals that Sandra Bonacina has designed with the T-BOW® investigating the needs of physiotherapy at the University of Zurich (Switzerland) since 1994-95. To this repertory of postural exercises with the T-BOW® and its combination with the millinery experiences of postural development of Yoga selected by the yogi F. Xavier García-Navarro in his Ganesh School of Yoga, Body-Mind and Martial Arts, the resources of postural education and training proposed by professor Seirul·lo Vargas are applied in order to achieve an extraordinary optimization of the posture.

Special attention is taken so that people with very basic levels of balance, strength and mobility are able to evolve in their postural optimization with confidence and satisfaction.

Methodologies experienced by the gymnastics coaches are applied to provide security to the practitioner, especially in the inverted postures.

The essence of Yoga is maintained (Asana or postures, pranayamas or breathing exercises, relaxation and consciousness-meditation) with an emphasis on self-control, self-evaluation and reflection to optimize one's knowledge and awareness , thus enabling the highest levels of well-being and personal satisfaction, with intuition and creativity.

Areas of application:

a) Postural health for daily life, work activity and reeducation of postural problems (hygienic-reeducation perspective)

b) Postural education that optimizes the person for life (educational perspective)

c) Posture of movement performance without injury, posture of expressive movement performance and a posture of personal aesthetics (expressive-creative perspective).


- Basics of holistic postural optimization.

- Differential characteristics of T-BOW® for Yoga.

- Yoga T-BOW® postures: Vertebral and Respiratory Preparations, Strength and Balance Postures, Extensions, Flexions and Rotations, Standing Postures, Inverted Postures, In-Pairs Postures and Postural Sequences.

- 1st-level postural optimization resources for Yoga T-BOW®: Coordination, static-dynamic Balance, static-dynamic Relaxation and Rhythm.

- Practical Lessons YOGA T-BOW®.

- Tips of Lesson Structures for Yoga T-BOW®.

Objective and applicability:

Learn resources of postural optimization with the T-BOW® to facilitate, enrich and expand postures and postural sequences of Yoga, with applicability to all fields of yoga practice, for health and movement optimization.

Appropriate for:

Yoga and physical education teachers, physiotherapists, fitness-health experts, experts in postural correction (eg. Pilates), personal and sports trainers.

International Director of T-BOW® Education:

Sandra Bonacina · T-BOW® International Switzerland

(inventor of T-BOW®, physiotherapy and fitness teacher at Zurich University).


F. Xavier García-Navarro, Ivan Farré-Sánchez and David Ribera-Nebot

(Ganesh School and T-BOW® Fit International).

Duration and date:

6 hours (1 day) · 10.00 - 17.00

Saturday, 11 February 2023


240 EUR

It includes:

- Manual of YOGA T-BOW® (1st level).

- DVD/MP4 T-BOW® Fitness Training 1 by Sandra Bonacina.

- Special 30% discount on the purchase of the T-BOW® and T-Band Set.

We take your T-BOW® to the course and you save shipping costs!


International certificate of participation at the YOGA T-BOW® Course (1st level);

accredited by Sandra Bonacina (International Director of T-BOW® Education) and by the teachers of the course.

Limited to 20 people

Languages: English and Spanish


Registration form:


Place of realization:

Beyond Forget your Limits · Barcelona

Magalhães, 2, 08004 Barcelona (Spain) · Gym of Hotel Brummell


More about Yoga T-BOW®:



+ Full information in PDF EN

+ Información completa en PDF SP


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